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Corporate Social Responsibility


CityJet has been connecting communities for almost 30 years.

We started out as a scheduled airline operating our own route network to support Irish business and leisure travellers and have evolved into being a provider of capacity to customer airlines across Europe, supporting them in the delivery of their corporate network objectives. Our 600 staff from 35 countries are the key to all we do.

As an employer and as a business, we ensure that everything we do is founded upon a solid basis of responsibility to all stakeholders. 

This responsibility means supporting our people and our local community, respecting honesty, equality, diversity and inclusion and working towards a sustainable future for all.

We define our stakeholders as our staff, our customers and both our local and global communities.

We have a responsibility to all.

At CityJet, we seek to:

  • play a constructive role among the communities we live in
  • provide our employees with a safe, responsible and efficient workplace
  • miminise our impact on the environment to deliver a sustainable business
  • manage our business in full compliance with commitments



CityJet and the Community

Our staff are at the centre of our operation, delivering the excellence of service our customers expect.

Outside of the work environment, our staff play roles across their communities in support of causes and charities.

CityJet established its CityCare programme in 2021 to provide staff with a structure for the airline to play a role in their community.

CityCare allows staff each month to propose a charity or good cause which is close to their heart to be supported financially by the company.

CityJet is delighted to have provided support of over €26,000 to over 50 voluntary organisations under the CityCare programme, all nominated by individual staff members,  to assist in essential work in the community at home and overseas.

Below are some of the organisations CityCare has assisted.



CityJet and the Community – Case Study

In the process of changing to a local supplier for some of our uniform items, our Shared Services and HR teams decided to find a home for surplus winter coats we had in storage for some time. 

With autumn approaching and temperatures dropping, we wanted to find a better purpose for our returned items. 

Earlier in 2022, one of our Cabin Crew co-ordinated collections for Ukraine. We decided this would be a cause. 

After a light cleaning and de-branding,  around 300 coats have now reached Ukraine and we hope that our previously stored item will be of comfort for someone in need. 


CityJet and the Workplace

CityJet is an equal opportunities employer. We always seek to recruit the best applicants for each role based solely on candidates as a person, their skills and experience. 

We offer a variety of career choices in the air or on the ground and never lose sight of the importance of every single staff member in making up our team. 

​We aim to provide an enjoyable work environment with opportunities for career enhancement throughout.   

Some people stay with us for many years, others for a shorter period, but our objective is to ensure that, at all points, time at CityJet will help our staff to achieve their ultimate career goals. 

CityJet respects that everyone must have a work/life balance in order to achieve both personal and professional objectives.  We aim to provide roster patterns to allow crew to make plans which suit them. Where possible for ground-based personnel, we offer flexible working conditions to allow the mixing of home-working with office time.

Our Employee Assistance Programme via Spectrum Life, accessible 365 days a year,  provides staff and their families with completely free and confidential counselling and general wellbeing support services.  The company also provides a Peer Support programme to give all staff the opportunity to talk to a peer under confidentiality to guide, support and listen.

Critical Incident Stress Management courses are provided for all Emergency Response and associated staff.

CityJet supports active lifestyle for staff. The airline sponsors annual participation in the PWC Staff Relay Series 25km race in Dublin, with 35 staff across seven teams taking part in the 2022 event and many other staff in support.

The company also supports and encourages higher education as part of our interest in the pragmatic personal development of our staff.

As an employer, we respect the right to representation where desired and facilitate collective labour agreements in line with local legislation in our locations. 

We seek to work together in an open culture where all staff members have an opportunity to discuss or raise issues of concern and receive direct feedback. 

​For full transparency, CityJet hosts a bi-monthly Teams call with all management present which is open to all staff to participate in, including a Q&A covering any subject anyone wishes to raise.

We are all part of one team, all focused on the same goal so we see it as important that we do all possible to ensure everyone feels a sense of belonging and team spirit and is also aware of the issues which are relevant to the business going forward.


CityJet and Sustainability

We are all conscious of the environment and the need for us all to work together to secure the future of our planet. 

At CityJet, we recognise that all businesses have an impact on the environment and we seek to minimise our part of this where possible.

We are committed to operating in a sustainable and environmentally sound manner as part of our daily business, complying with regulatory and environmental standards to deliver on this.

Through investment in actions, processes and technologies, we have taken steps to reduce our footprint to ensure we deliver on our commitments.


Actions on the Ground:

Reducing our Dublin office size by over 50% to “right size” our location to our current requirements, introducing efficiencies in energy and waste management.

Operating a hybrid working model, reducing the traffic impact of staff in their commute and enhancing their work/life balance.

The removal of single-use paper cups from our offices and a move towards a paperless office, with all printing requiring staff member’s presence at the printer to release.

A wider usage of video meetings to reduce travel between CityJet locations.

The use of electric company vehicles where practical, including our hangar in Copenhagen.

The introduction of LED lighting across all our offices and our hangar in Copenhagen, reducing the energy used by over 75%.


Actions in the Air

We have replaced our Avro RJ85 fleet with fuel-efficient CRJ900s which offers the lowest fuel burn per trip in markets requiring the aircraft size.

The CRJ900 is certified for biofuel (Sustainable Aviation Fuel), allowing flying to become carbon neutral as this fuel is rolled out.

Among other actions, our scheduled internal engine wash program improves fuel efficiency.

Our flight crews adopt fuel efficient trips, using continuous climb and descent profiles, combined with our flight planning system delivering the optimal routings, to minimimse fuel burn and deliver tangible fuel savings to our customer airlines.

Having rolled out our Electronic Flight bag iPad to pilots some years ago to remove the need for paper in the cockpit, we have recently transferred our cabin crew documentation to their PDAs, making flights completely paperless at the end of 2022.


Corporate Actions

CityJet works with designers of future aircraft to ensure the critical “what next” question can be defined, understood and delivered.

Our work includes:

  • investment in the development of hybrid-electric powerplants and airframes to deliver the aircraft of the future, moving from net zero to zero emissions for larger aircraft
  • co-operation on urban air mobility projects, in particular with a manufacturer developing electric air vehicles to replace both surface traffic and journeys by smaller fossil-fuel driven aircraft

We share the industry’s targets for net zero and zero emissions and are committed as a business to ensuring the aviation industry plays its role in delivering a long term sustainable future for all.


CityJet Business Responsibility

CityJet acts as a responsible employer, with clear policies and procedures covering its obligations as an employer in multiple jurisdictions and as a business serving the public, its suppliers and customers.

We take a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery, people trafficking, bribery and corruption in any form.

We protect the data we store and manage personal data with integrity and discipline.

We expect the same high standards from all of our contractors, suppliers and other business partners, as they do of us and their own suppliers.

We are committed to acting ethically, honestly, professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our relationships and business dealings.