Inflight Experience



Flying with CityJet on our European network provides you with the best that short haul air travel has to offer, with comforts from our full leather seating, to free drinks and snacks on-board our aim is to make your trip the ultimate flying experience.

Free snacks & drinks

Feeling peckish on board? Our in flight catering is available on all our flights free of charge. We offer drinks and snacks including wine, beer and spirits for our passengers.
Free seat selection
Choose where you want to sit on board, at no extra charge.
Free checked bag & cabin bag
Enjoy a checked bag and a cabin bag while travelling with us, for that extra flexibility.

Interior comfort

At CityJet we pride ourselves on the interior comfort of our aircraft. From the hand crafted full leather seats to our deep pile carpets used throughout our fleet our aim is to keep you cool and comfortable on your short flight with us.

Enjoy your personal devices on board

Portable Electronic Devices (PED) include any kind of electronic device brought on board the aircraft by a passenger such as a tablet, a laptop, a smart phone, ane-reader or a MP3 player.

A hand held PED is considered to be a device is one that can be held comfortably in one hand. Larger PED are devices such as Laptops, weighing over 1kg. On all CityJet flights, you can use your smart phone and tablet in 'flight mode' during the entire flight. You can also use your laptops in 'flight mode' (wireless connectivity turned off) during the cruising phase of the flight, but not during boarding, take off and landing. If your device(s)does not have Safe/Flight Mode as an option, or you cannot deactivate any wireless transmissions, they must be powered off after the doors have closed for departure, for take-off, cruise, approach until after landing. The Commander of the flight may request at any stage to have all the PEDs switched "OFF” at any stage of the flight.