We offer a range of services for passengers who require special assistance. Read on for the services offered and contact us if you need assistance with any of the services outlined here. We recommend that you make your travel plans early to enable us to serve you better.

If you require the use of wheelchairs (both manual and electric) or mobility aids (canes, crutches, walkers, mobility scooters etc.), please make your travel plans as early as possible.
Please note that the carriage of assistive devices does not count towards your free baggage allowance.

Special assist

SPECIAL ASSISTANCE – EU Regulation 1107/2006

Travelling to or from Amsterdam? Please contact our partner airline KLM for your special assistance requests and they will be happy to help you.

Passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs) are encouraged to notify CityJet of their assistance requirements as early as possible in the booking process as limitations do apply.  Although CityJet will endeavour to accommodate as many PRMs as possible on its flights, for safety reasons the number of PRMs cannot exceed the number of able-bodied persons capable of assisting with an emergency evacuation except in the case of ‘special flights’. [A special flight is one where most of the passengers are PRMs and in these situations permission from safety authorities is required e.g. flights to Lourdes.]
When booking on www.cityjet.com passengers requiring special assistance are asked to verify their requirements at least 48 hours in advance of travel either via our Call Centre (local call rates apply) or online. Passengers are asked to clarify the exact nature of the assistance required using the following categories as a reference point:

Blind/vision impaired passenger requires a walker (departure & arrival) through the airport to the aircraft seat and separate safety briefing from the cabin crew
Passenger is profoundly deaf and requires a separate safety briefing onboard the aircraft
Self-reliant passenger with an intellectual disability who can understand & respond to safety instructions who requires assistance (departure & arrival) through the airport to the boarding gate (departure & arrival)
A passenger requiring in-flight therapeutic oxygen provided by CityJet
Passenger who requires assistance (departure & arrival) through the airport to the boarding gate
Passenger who requires assistance (departure & arrival) through the airport and to ascend and descend stairs
Passenger who requires assistance (departure & arrival) through the airport and requires lifting assistance to and from their aircraft seat

Passengers wishing to bring their own wheelchair must provide the following information:
The dimensions of the wheelchair e.g. its height, width, depth;
The weight of the wheelchair;
Details of the wheelchair’s battery i.e. wet-cell, dry-cell, lithium, spillable, non-spillable
CityJet will inform your airports of departure and arrival (and transit where appropriate) of your request for assistance.


CityJet will carry wheelchairs and mobility devices without charge subject to certain conditions. Please Contact Us either  via our Call Centre (local call rates apply) or online  at the time of booking  especially if your mobility device or wheelchair is battery operated to ensure that our authorised conditions of carriage are adhered to otherwise the required service may not be available.

For loading safety reasons, CityJet can only accept electric wheelchairs & mobility devices up to 100kg in weight.

By virtue of space limitations on the operating aircraft, CityJet can only guarantee the carriage of one electric or mobility device of 100kg per flight.

Due to size restrictions on aircraft operated by CityJet, size limitations may apply to wheelchairs and mobility devices to ensure they can be safely loaded via the hold doors. Please Contact Us via our Call Centre (local call rates apply) or online to confirm suitability together with the full dimensions of the device 

Avro RJ85
W 1.346m X H 0.711m
Forward cargo door W0.61m x H1.27m; Aft cargo door W0.86m x H1.27m

Wheelchairs cannot be carried in the cabin.

In the unlikely event that your mobility device is damaged while in the possession of CityJet, please submit your claim online.

Passengers should note that the limits set out in the Montreal Convention (1,131 SDR) apply to claims for damaged or lost mobility equipment unless a special declaration as to the value of the equipment was made. CityJet reserves the right to impose a charge where special declarations are made.


The aircraft operated by CityJet do not have emergency exits rows with additional leg room available.

Moveable armrests
Moveable armrests are available on all aircraft operated by CityJet in some seat rows.. Please Contact Us via our Call Centre (local call rates apply) or online for further information.

Pre Booking Seats
Pre booking of seats is not available. For passengers with reduced mobility, seating is pre-assigned 24-48 hours prior to departure.

Broken Limbs
We will endeavour to offer suitable seating to passengers travelling with a broken lower limb. Medical clearance may be requested so passengers are advised to  contact us via our Call Centre (local call rates apply) or online  for further information.

Where comfort seats are required CityJet reserves the right to charge for these.

No medical clearance is required for broken upper limbs.

On-board aisle-chairs
On board aisle-chairs are not available on board CityJet aircraft.


Avro RJ85
1 toilet at the front and 1 toilet at the rear of the aircraft
1 toilet at the front of the aircraft

The following is an outline list of those passengers who may require medical clearance in advance of travel. Please contact us at our Call Centre (local call rates apply) or online  for further details:
Passengers in the 9th month of pregnancy  Passengers travelling with a premature baby  Passengers with learning difficulties travelling alone • Passengers suffering from any contagious or transmittable disease • Passengers who are not self-reliant and who require the help of a safety assistant/ carer • Passengers who require a continuous flow of oxygen during flight  Passengers with broken lower limbs * Passengers with severe/critical heart conditions  Passengers who have recently suffered heart attacks.

A Safety Assistant is a person over 12 years of age, who is not themselves a passenger with reduced mobility and who is willing to, and capable of, physically assisting a passenger with reduced mobility.

A Safety Assistant is required when a passenger with reduced mobility cannot:
Respond appropriately to flight safety instructions.

Physically assist in his/her own evacuation because of severe mobility impairment
Establish a means of communicating with the airline personnel because of a severe seeing and hearing impairment at the same time.

A Safety Assistant will be seated next to the passenger with reduced mobility with him he/ she is travelling - most likely in a window seat and the seat next to it.

A Safety Assistant may not accompany one passenger with reduced mobility and also accompany a child under the age of 5 on the same flight.

Passengers are not permitted to carry their own portable oxygen bottles (with stored oxygen) on CityJet aircraft either in the cabin or in the hold.

However Portable Oxygen (1086 litres) can be provided by CityJet to passengers free of charge by prior arrangement. Low flow rate 6.5 hrs @ 2Lpm @1850 psi. High flow rate 3.5 hrs @ 4Lpm @1850 psi.
Please contact us via either our Call Centre (local call rates apply), or online  at least 72 hours before departure to ensure we can facilitate the request.

Passengers requiring oxygen during the flight must sit in designated seats on-board to facilitate provision of the service.

Fokker 50 aircraft- Portable Oxygen Concentrators are not permitted for carriage
Passengers, who wish to carry a portable oxygen concentrator for use onboard Avro RJ85 or the ATR42/72 aircraft are requested to notify CityJet in advance of travel and are permitted to carry any one of the following approved models:

AirSep Lifestyle
Inogen One
AirSep FreeStyle
Inogen One G2
AirSep FreeStyle 5
Inogen One G3
AirSep Focus
OxLife Independence Oxygen Concentrator
Oxus (or Delphi) RS-00400
Respironics EverGo
Evo Central Air
Respironics SimplyGo
Invacare XPO2, XPO100, XPO100B
SeQual Eclipse
Invacare SoLo2
DeVilbiss Healthcare iGO
Precision Medical Easypulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Innova Labs (or International Biophysics)LifeChoice (or LifeChoice Activox)

CADD Prizim VIP model 6101
CPAP machine: RAMstar M series 101M
CPAP machine: TREND II Auto
Freeway Elite Nebuliser
Nutricia Flocare Infinity
Nippy ventilator
Nippy Junior
Nippy ST, Nippy S

If your device is not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Call Centre (local call rates apply) or online.

CityJet do not facilitate or permit the carriage of stretchers

In accordance with EC Regulation No 1107/ 2006 where the use of recognised assistance dogs is required, they shall be accommodated without a container once the animal is on a lead. The dog can sit at its owner’s feet.

The owner of the recognised assistance dog must be in possession of a current PET passport for the animal. Passengers travelling with recognised assistance dogs are advised to contact the appropriate national authority for further information about the PET passport regime and its requirements. Recognised assistance dogs are carried free of charge by CityJet. However limitations may apply as to the number of recognised assistance dogs per flight. Passengers are therefore asked to contact us via our Call Centre (local call rates apply) or online  in advance of travel for further information.

CityJet do not facilitate the carriage of ESA on any flights into or out of the UK or Ireland.

Pregnant women can be accepted for travel up to the end of the 8th month (36 week) of pregnancy. Flight during the 9th month is not recommended except under exceptional circumstances and only with written medical approval. Pregnant passengers cannot avail of seating in the emergency exit rows.

Seat Belt extensions are available on all our aircraft for both infants and passengers who require them for additional comfort. Passengers should advise Cabin Crew if they require a seat belt extension when boarding the aircraft as they cannot be pre-booked. Passengers requiring a seat belt extension cannot avail of seating in the emergency exit rows.