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Ground School

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Ground School

CityJet offers comprehensive ground school courses for both the BAE 146 and the AVRO RJ.

The courses are taught in the classroom by experienced and current 146 and RJ pilots. The technical information is covered comprehensively, but the instruction is tailored to operational needs.

All student entry levels are accommodated from the cadet pilot to the experienced flyer. Flexibility of approach is a key attribute of the instruction.

The courses aim to leave the student with a high level of understanding. The  courses do not teach to pass an exam. The courses give the student a thorough understanding of the aircraft and the practical application of procedures, gained from our many years of experience with the type. The student is well prepared for both his simulator and line training.

Animated Power Point presentations are used for almost all aspects of the instructor led training. Films demonstrating procedures are also available. The presentations allow the systems to be built up part by part while the procedures are built up line by line. Because of their accessibility the simulator and the aircraft are used to support the class room training.

Lessons are available for all of the following:

  • An overview of the aircraft
  • Each airframe system
  • Each aspect of the avionics
  • The structure and use of the FCOM
  • The normal procedures. All the checklists are covered
  • Each abnormal and emergency procedure.
  • The procedures are normally taught with the associated system or avionics aspect
  • Performance
  • P RNAV
  • Low Visibility Procedures
  • Winter Operations
  • RVS

The depth of the courses varies from refresher training to a complete type rating 
course and can be tailored to meet a customer’s specific needs. Type rating 
courses vary from two to three weeks depending on the amount of operational 
training required by the customer. 


For a quotation tailored to your specific needs contact:

Brian Moynihan - Training Manager
CityJet Limited, Swords Business Campus, Balheary Road, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland.

Tel: +353 1 8700229 
Mob: +353 86 6062521  
Fax: +353 1 8700225