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CityJet is most punctual airline at London City Airport

CityJet, the airline that flies from the heart of London, has been named the most on time airline from London City Airport, the most punctual airport in the UK. New figures from* revealed the statistics after analysing more than 1.5 million flights out of UK airports throughout 2011.

According to, CityJet achieved an average On Time Performance rating (OTP) of 89.51% over more than 25,000 rotations across 18 destinations.  The statistics also reveal that CityJet was the most punctual carrier to both Paris and Dublin beating competitors operating out of all of London’s airports.

Says Christine Ourmières, CEO CityJet: “To be recognised as the must punctual airline operating out of London City Airport reaffirms CityJet’s commitment to providing its customers with the most time saving and effective option for travel from London. We are now the most efficient airline operating out of the fastest airport in London.”

CityJet flies from the only airport that is actually in London, situated just 22 minutes from central London on the DLR.  London City Airport also offers passengers the fastest check in of any airport in the UK, just 15 minutes before boarding.