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CityJet announces schedule revisions in response to customer feedback

  Press Release: Monday 15th November 2010.

CityJet has announced a revised schedule and a larger aircraft, for its Dundee-London City route with effect from early January in response to strong customer feed back. The route is a lifeline for many regular passengers who rely on it to travel to London on business and who appreciate the convenience of London City Airport, from which CityJet operates its network. However, the route has been losing money in recent years and a revised schedule was introduced from the start of November to improve the economics of the route.  Charges at London City Airport at peak times have contributed heavily to the losses incurred by the route.

CityJet believes that the changes to be introduced in January will, with the support of the local community, return the route to profitability. We are committed to this route and want to work with the community to ensure it returns to profit says CityJet CEO, Christine Ourmières. Today CityJet announced a modified service with effect from early January 2011:

  • From January, all flights will be operated by a larger (50-seater) Fokker 50 turboprop aircraft, providing more capacity at busy times
  • The Monday morning departure from Dundee, which many people rely on to reach early meetings in London at the start of the week, will depart earlier, arriving in London City at 0830.
  • The Sunday afternoon departure from Dundee will depart later, at 1810, giving people a full Sunday afternoon in the city before catching their flight.
  • New flights will be introduced on Mondays and Fridays, providing a morning service from London to Dundee for business people coming to Dundee, and also making weekend trips to London and Tayside easier.

Ms Ourmières added: "We genuinely appreciate the feedback we've received from the local community. We’re committed to making this route work and getting it onto a sustainable footing. The November schedule changes were made because we couldn't sustain the route’s losses. But it’s been obvious in recent weeks how much this route means to the local community, and that's a strong foundation for any air service.
"Introducing a larger aircraft on the route is our vote of confidence in the service. We can’t wind the clock back to the old schedule, because it simply lost the airline too much money, but we hope that this new schedule, and the larger aircraft, will better meet the needs of the community.
"In addition to meeting the needs of the business community, the airline intends to grow tourism especially the golf market and is already running adverts highlighting the tourism attractions in the region, which include golf and other outdoor pursuits."
CityJet acknowledges the help of Dundee City Council and of Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd in revising the schedule.
Inglis Lyon, MD of Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd said: "We’re happy that CityJet has been able to make these changes. A link to London City is a fantastic asset for a city the size of Dundee, but we recognise that ultimately they've got to be able to make a profit to keep the route going, and we appreciate their responsiveness to local feedback."
Ken Guild, of Dundee City Council said: "The link with London City is extremely important for Dundee and Tayside. It underpins much of our commercial and tourist strategy, such as our Renewables focus and the V&A project. The long-running service from Dundee to London has been hugely important for the City and we want to ensure that the benefits of this service to Dundee are maintained."

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