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What's my baggage allowance?

Baggage Information

Certain items are not permitted for carriage in checked or unchecked baggage. These are listed below under the details of "Dangerous Articles in Baggage".

Do not accept any item given to you by a third party.
Checked Baggage:
From 1st November 2012, the following hold baggage allowance applies


CitySaver allows you to take one cabin baggage with you but does not include any check-in luggage. If you wish to check-in one luggage (1 x 23kg allowance), you can purchase it (1 x 23kg allowance) during the online check in process for 15EUR, or at the airport for 30EUR. Alternatively you can upgrade to CityValue for only 20 EUR/GBP and benefit not only from the free check-in bag but also the ticket change, the seat choice and earn some miles!

CityValue and CityFlex passengers may check in 1 piece of baggage weighing up to 23kg free of charge.

CityPlus passengers may check in 2 pieces of baggage, each weighing up to 23kg.

An additional charge of EUR 55 may be charged when exceeding the 23kg allowance.

Note:  A weight limit of 32kg applies on any individual item of checked baggage

Dimensions, number of bags and weight
All baggage you do not check in but take with you in the the cabin is called hand baggage. You can stow this baggage in the overhead baggage compartment or under the seat. Flights operated by CityJet aircraft have limited storage space in the cabin, and so we may ask you to put your hand baggage in the hold. We advise you to minimise your hand baggage as much as possible. CityJet Charter flights

Different baggage rates and charges may apply for charter flights, please consult your tour operator for details.Air France-KLM Connecting flights baggage allowance:

If you have a connecting flight with Air France-KLM, you can find out what your exact baggage allowance is by checking the handy baggage allowance calculator on  or 
Click here to calculate your baggage allowance.

Flying Blue Flying Blue members with Silver, Gold, or Platinum status, or SkyTeam Elite/ Elite Plus members can transport one additional bag of up to 23kg, whatever their travel class.

CityJet requires that all checked baggage is clearly identifiable with your name, address, destination and contact numbers or alternatively your flight confirmation number. Labels for this purpose are available at the CityJet check-in counters at the airport. Remember to remove labels from previous flights. Failure to comply with these requirements could result in the delayed delivery of your baggage.

When checking in, a destination label is affixed to each baggage item. Receipts for these labels are then given to you. Make sure that the label indicates the correct destination, the correct flight number, and that your baggage is checked in all the way to your final destination if you have connecting flights. Keep your baggage label receipts safe. This measure means any lost baggage items can be found more easily.

CityJet does not accept responsibility for any damage caused to or as a result of damage caused to the following items:
- Items that protrude from luggage such as wheels, luggage feet and handles
- Items of a fragile (musical and sporting equipment) or perishable nature
- Over packed bags
- Loss of external locks, zips, pull straps or security straps
- Manufacturer's defects
- Baggage accepted after the check-in closure time.
- Baggage containing valuable items.
- Designer Baggage
- Umbrellas.
- Child's pushchair/buggy.

Any minor damage to such items which does not affect the functionality of the item will not be compensated for. The passenger will be deemed to have accepted the risk that such minor damage can and may occur. These items are only carried on a limited release basis; (ie. Entirely "at your own risk" for loss, damage or delay). Passengers should ensure that they have suitable private insurance cover for their journey.

For sporting equipment including golf bags see 2.6 below.

Try to use hard-shell baggage, and always lock it.

Fragile Items:
Passengers must ensure that all fragile items (including but not limited to Sports Equipment, Musical Instruments, Computers / Laptops, Art, Infant Equipment, paintings,  bottles, china, etc are packaged adequately for Air Travel.
Should an item be deemed to be unsuitably packaged CityJet can refuse to accept it.

CityJet accepts no responsibility for any of the following items included in Checked Baggage;  money, jewellery, valuable / designer items, cameras, computers, keys, mobile phones (must be switched off), personal electronic devices (such as iPods, / mp3 players / PDA's etc), medication, ID papers, passport, important documents, etc.  These items are carried on a limited release basis; (ie. "at your own risk" for loss, damage, or delay). Passengers should ensure that they have suitable private insurance cover for their journey.

Passengers should not check-in essential items such as car keys or medicine that is required within 24 hours. These items should be carried in hand-baggage.

Upon Arrival
All baggage items look alike! Take the time to check that you are reclaiming your own baggage items by:
- checking your name
- comparing the label number affixed to your baggage with the number on the receipt you were given at check-in.
Upon arrival, remove the previous destination address labels so as to avoid any confusion the next time you travel.
Infant Equipment:
Infant Equipment including but not limited to prams, buggies, cots, and car seats are not designed for carriage by air. It is possible to carry such items to the aircraft and such items will be loaded as checked baggage at that time. CityJet carries such items on a 'Limited Release' (i.e. entirely 'at your own risk' for loss, damage, or delay) basis. Passengers should therefore ensure that they have suitable private insurance cover for their journey.
Infants, under the age of 2, benefit from 10kg baggage allowance, free transport of a stroller and a cabin bag.

Cabin/Hand Baggage:
For the comfort and safety of all passengers CityJet must restrict cabin baggage to one piece per passenger of maximum 12kg, check dimensions below, and one personal item: a handbag/purse or a briefcase or a camera bag or a laptop.

Cabin /Hand baggage may be labelled at check-in and must weigh under 12kgs in total.
This allowance is subject to restrictions and conditional on operational constraints on the day of travel, it may be necessary to place cabin baggage in the aircraft hold. 

Cabin / Hand baggage must be small enough to fit in an overhead compartment or under your seat. Cabin baggage that exceeds the dimensions and maximum weight allowed or will not fit under the seat or in an overhead compartment will not be accepted in the passenger cabin and must be carried in the aircraft hold as checked baggage. 

Hand baggage must comply with the following dimensions to qualify as acceptable for transport in the aircraft cabin:

Avro RJ85 aircraft, hand baggage dimensions: 55cm length x 35cm height x 25cm width.

Fokker 50 aircraft, hand baggage dimensions: 47.5cm length x 35cm height x 20cm width.

Wheels and handles must be included in the total dimensions. 

Governments and Airport Authorities have directed that for security reasons, all knives, sharp objects or cutting implements of any kind whether metal or otherwise and some sporting goods must be placed in your checked baggage.

'Sporting goods' include but are not limited to: sporting bats, snooker cues, hurley or hockey sticks, tennis rackets and catapults. If you are carrying any such item, they must be packed in your checked baggage.

Cabin/Hand Baggage Security regulations:
As per EC Regulation 1546/2006 only very small quantities of liquids and gels may be brought through passenger screening. Containers must be no more than 100 millilitres capacity and held in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag (which must be sealed). Bags must be less than 1 litre capacity (approx. 20cm x 20cm). 1 plastic bag is allowed per passenger. Medicines, Special Diet Products and Baby Foods are allowed if essential for use during the trip and passengers may be asked to prove that these products are genuine. For more information check 2.6
Sporting Equipment:
Sports Equipment (skis, surfboard,music instrument if reasonable size etc) is considered as normal baggage and is thus included in the set allowance. An additional piece is charged at the additional piece rate if applicable (see 2.1).

Exception : Surfboards measuring more than 107 and 200cm, scuba tank and oversize bag >158cm (= sum of 3 dimensions) : €75 fee per piece on all CityJet operated flights.

One piece of golf equipment per person is carried free of charge *(maximum weight 23 kg) in addition to the set allowance of 1 piece of checked baggage.

Exception: On flights to Milan which we operate under a codeshare basis the total weight of both the checked baggage and golf equipment must be no more than 23kg.
Sporting Equipment (including but not limited to golf clubs, surf boards, skis), must be properly protected for carriage in the aircraft hold.

A bicycle should be properly packed and is considered as 1 piece of 158 cm regardless the actual size. (Bicycles and tandems will be charged at €55 for all CityJet flights)  

A bicycle should be properly packed, and due to aircraft restrictions we request that you inform us of your intention to bring a tandem bike when you make your reservation.

(*For operational reasons, restrictions may apply for groups, who are strongly advised to contact CityJet Customer Care in advance of travel. We reserve the right to modify at any time our policy on carriage of golf clubs and other sporting equipment.)