Check in

Q. Can I check flight times and fare availability without booking?

Simply proceed as though you were booking a flight and stop at the page with the button "Confirm." You can consult flight and fare availability for CityJet flights scheduled between 24 hours and 8 months from departure of your flight.

Q. When can I check-in over the Internet?

You can choose your seat and print your boarding pass from 36 hours* prior to the departure of your flight. You can check-in online:

- whether you are travelling with or without baggage
- for a direct flight or a transfer (except if you have to change airport): if you have a transfer, only one boarding pass will be issued for the whole of your trip.
- for your return flight, if this is within 24 hours of your departure.
- for a different flight from the one you reserved if your fare tariff allows this.
- for yourself and all passengers (up to 9 in total) who appear on your reservation file.

Q. What if I do not have a printer or my printer is not working?

If you cannot print your own boarding pass, you must collect it from a Self-Service Kiosk or the check-in counter at the airport prior to the Check-In deadline for your flight.  From the 30th of March 2014, you will be able to download the boarding pass to your smartphone in the form of a QR code. iPhone, Android and many other smartphone platforms are compatible.

Q. What is the latest time I can check-in at the airport?

* CityJet passengers can check in 15 minutes before the flight is due to depart with hand luggage and 30 minutes before with checked-in luggage.

Q. Must I have to have an electronic ticket in order to check-in?

Yes. You can only use Internet check-in with an electronic ticket.
Q. What is the identifier number?

The identifier number is either the number of your electronic ticket or the number you gave when reserving your flight. This may be a credit or debit card number, a passport or identity card, or a driver's licence number.

Q. Where can I find my electronic ticket number?

The 14 digits of your electronic ticket are printed on your trip reminder. 

Q. Can I check-in extra baggage?

Additional baggage can now be purchased online during the booking process. This is available on CityValue, CityFlex and CityPremium fares.
You can purchase your additional baggage allowance:
 - when purchasing your ticket online
 - at any time after purchasing your ticket and up to 30 hours before your flight in "Manage My Booking”
 - when checking in online

Q. Can I check-in with baggage?

Yes, y
ou can check-in online even if you have checked luggage. You may simply check this luggage at the "e-service - baggage drop-off" counter at the airport before the Check-In deadline for your flight. If there is no "e-service - baggage drop-off" counter, then please go to the check-in counter for your flight.

Q. Can I check-in for my return flight at the same time as my outbound flight?

, if this flight takes off within 24 hours of your outbound flight.


Q. I have a problem with booking online, where can I get assistance?

Contact us for all CityJet telephone bookings and after sales support.

Q. How will I know that my reservation is confirmed?

Your booking is confirmed as soon as you have hit the "confirm" button on the last stage of the booking process after you entered your credit card number. On the confirmation page you will receive a reservation number and your flight details are listed. You will also receive confirmation e-mail. For electronic bookings you will receive an additional "trip plan" e-mail.

Q. Is it possible to change/cancel my reservation after it has been confirmed?

Remember that changing or cancelling your ticket depends on the fare conditions and may incur a charge. 
A reissue fee of €20/£20 is charged per ticket for voluntary changes to tickets bought through travel agencies, changed at an airport ticket office or call centre.  Please refer to your individual conditions of travel for the ticket purchased for further details.

Q. Can I change the name on a ticket?

Name changes depend on the ticket fare rules

Q. I forgot to print my itinerary or reservation number. What do I do?

Details of the trip you booked including flight departure times and the confirmation number are listed on the last page of the booking process and in the confirmation e-mail you receive after completing the booking. These details are just for your own information and are not required to be presented at check-in. However, if you chose the e-ticket option, you will be required to present your personal identifier at check in. This can be your passport or credit card (this is specified during the booking process). If you require your flight details to be e-mailed to you again please ring the customer care and reservations centre.

Q. Can I pre-book service for special needs online?

For passengers in need of special attention, services can be pre-booked by telephone. If you require wheelchair assistance or an unaccompanied minor service, please call our reservations to book.

Q. Can I fly one way in one class of service and return in another class?

If you purchase a round-trip ticket, you will fly in the same class of service on both ways. If you wish to fly in different classes on your outbound and inbound flights, you may purchase two one-way flights.

Online Payment and Ticket Questions

Q. Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Yes. The reservations system is located on a secure server that guarantees the safety of a transaction. The system uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypting technology. SSL works by encrypting all communications between your computer and our server so the information cannot be intercepted.

Q. What type of credit cards can I use to purchase my ticket online?

Our reservation system accepts credit card payments from Visa and MasterCard.

Q. My credit card was refused by the system. What should I do?

Verify that you have entered your credit card number correctly, without any spaces, and that the expiry date respects the MM/YY format, for example, 12/05 for May 2012.

Q. What is an e-ticket?

The e-ticket is an electronic ticket. As opposed to the traditional paper ticket you will just specify a personal identifier (credit card or passport number) during the booking process and then be able to check in by only presenting this identifier and your passport. With electronic ticketing, you save time at check-in and enjoy carefree travel without looking for your ticket!

Q. Do I need a paper ticket?

CityJet issues e-tickets to all the destinations served. A CityJet e-ticket is an electronic version of the conventional paper ticket. CityJet no longer offers paper tickets. Instead of receiving a paper ticket, you get an e-ticket confirmation or "Itinerary and Receipt" that contains your travel data and an e-ticket reservation number (PNR reference number). CityJet send this e-ticket confirmation to you by e-mail, so it is important to provide a correct and valid email address. With an e-ticket,  you no longer need to pick up your paper ticket at the airport or receive it by post.  CityJet stores your ticket in the CityJet  e-ticket database. An electronic ticket can't be lost or stolen. For security and immigration purposes, we strongly recommend that you retain a copy of your e-ticket confirmation throughout your journey when travelling internationally. Some immigration officers may ask for proof of a return ticket, and the e-ticket confirmation can be used as evidence of this. With an e-ticket, you may proceed directly to the check-in or check-in online before you fly. There is no need anymore to first go to the ticket desk to collect your ticket. However, when a flight from another airline is included in your booking we may need to issue a paper ticket. This paper ticket then needs to be collected at the airport before check-in.

Q. Can I purchase an e-ticket for someone else?

When booking an electronic ticket, the passenger has to present the personal identifier (credit card number used in booking or passport number) that was entered in the booking at check-in. So make sure the person travelling has this personal identifier.


For Baggage pricing table please click here

From 08 January 2013, the following baggage allowance applies:

Want to transport more baggage in the hold?

Additional baggage can now be purchased online during the booking process. This is available on CityValue, CityFlex and CityPremium fares.

You can purchase your additional baggage allowance:
 - when purchasing your ticket online
 - at any time after purchasing your ticket and up to 30 hours before your flight in "Manage My Booking”
 - anytime when checking in online

CityValue and CityFlex passengers may check in 1 piece of baggage weighing up to 23kg free of charge.

CityPremium passengers may check in 2 pieces of baggage, each weighing up to 23kg.

A heavy piece charge of EUR 55 online or EUR 70 at the Airport will be charged when exceeding the 23kg allowance.

Note: A weight limit of 32kg applies on any individual item of checked baggage.

Sports Equipment (skis, surfboard,music instrument if reasonable size etc) is considered as normal baggage and is thus included in the set allowance. An additional piece is charged at the additional piece rate if applicable (see 2.1).

Exception : Surfboards measuring more than 107 and 200cm,  scuba tank and oversize bag >158cm (= sum of 3 dimensions) : €75 fee per piece on all CityJet operated flights.

One piece of golf equipment per person is carried free of charge *(maximum weight 23 kg) in addition to the set allowance of 1 piece of checked baggage.

Exception: On flights which we operate under a codeshare basis the total weight of both the checked baggage and golf equipment must be no more than 23kg.
Sporting Equipment (including but not limited to golf clubs, surf boards, skis), must be properly protected for carriage in the aircraft hold.

A bicycle should be properly packed and is considered as 1 piece of 158 cm regardless the actual size.

Bicycles and tandems will be charged at €55 for all CityJet flights.  

A bicycle should be properly packed, and due to aircraft restrictions we request that you inform us of your intention to bring a tandem bike when you make your reservation.

(*For operational reasons, restrictions may apply for groups, who are strongly advised to contact CityJet Customer Care in advance of travel. We reserve the right to modify at any time our policy on carriage of golf clubs and other sporting equipment.)

Q. I am travelling with an infant what is my baggage allowance?

Infants, under the age of 2, benefit from 10kg baggage allowance, free transport of a stroller and a cabin bag.

APIS info

Q. What is APIS?

APIS - Advance Information on Passengers.  e-Borders is an advanced passenger information programme which collects and stores information on passengers entering and leaving the United Kingdom. The information of the passengers and crew is collected by CityJet, and then passed on to the e-Borders programme. API data includes information in a passenger's passport or travel document as well as other information.

Q.  What information is collected?

The API data includes information on the machine-readable zone on your passport: 
• Family name and first name  
• Date of birth and gender  
• Passport number  
• Country that issued the passport  
• Passport expiry date  
• Nationality  
• Country of residence (for travel to the United States only)  

Q. When is the information collected?

The APIS data is collected at the following stages of a passenger's journey:

   - During online check-in
   - During kiosk check-in
   - During airport check-in