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Flights from London City to Rotterdam from £65.


Book your cheap flight from Rotterdam RTM to London City LCY from £99 return and £65 one way.
CityJet offers up to 9 flights daily from London City LCY to Rotterdam RTM. The improved schedule from CityJet allows business travellers more flexibility than ever before. The full flight timetable is available here and you can book online and check departure and arrivals into and from London City and Rotterdam airports.

Book our cheapest flights from just £99 return and £65 one way, when flying from London City LCY to Rotterdam with CityJet and enjoy our complimentary inflight service, convenient schedule. All fares are subject to availability, terms and conditions apply.

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Cheap flights from London City Airport to Rotterdam

Cheap flights from London City LCY to Rotterdam RTM with fares starting from £99 return and £65 one way.

London City Airport LCY is incredibly close to the West End, the City and Canary Wharf, in fact Canary Wharf to the airport by DLR takes just 15 minutes. CityJet has just a 20 minute check-in time at London City Airport LCY, the shortest of any UK airport - we are the smartest choice for time conscious business passengers.

Rotterdam Airport
is just 10km from the City Centre with trains leaving frequently. With a journey time of only 15 minutes, getting into the city has never been easier.

Click here for all other airport check-in times on CityJet's network. Flying with CityJet means an end to uncivilised travel. No more hanging around in airports, no hassle in security queues or long walks to distant departure gates. With CityJet, all seats are assigned, all drinks and snacks are included.

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