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Welcome to CityJet's online Check-In

Online check-in is the simple and quick way to receive your boarding pass, without having to queue at the airport.

Using our online check-in you may:

  • During the check-in process, you may add additional checked-in baggage
  • At the end of the online checkin process, you will receive an email with your boarding pass in PDF format.  This must be printed to be valid
  • If you are flying to a destination where APIs apply, you will need to travel 
  • If you prefer, you can also use our airport kiosks, conveniently located in the departures section of the airportwith identification(eg: passport, approved id)
  • NEW: For select CityJet departures, you will be able to use a smartphone-enabled passbook boarding pass to get through security and board at the airport.  iPhone, Android and many smartphone platforms are supported.  No printer is needed!

To begin the checkin process, please fill in your departure airport below:

Departure airport: 


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